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Akela Consultancy, LLC is a business development organization who's primary focus is building Baltimore Area businesses. We offer our services to small businesses and franchises that would not normally have access to high quality, high efficiency services. 

Level the playing field...

That's phase one of our mission. Based in Baltimore, we see numerous opportunities to give small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations the ability to be accessed in ways they normally wouldn't. Own a restaurant? You'll have reservations and ordering online right from your site. Make handmade products? Tell your story and sell your creations in a clean and custom environment sure to keep your customers engaged.

The need for a digital presence in the 21st Century is becoming more evident by the day. Pulling from a wide range of experiences with businesses of all sizes, we've developed a formula with our clients that gets their digital operations firing on all cylinders quickly.


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Even if for the sake of good conversation, we want to hear your hopes and dreams. We want to hear everything you are, and everything you hope to be. From there we get excited. REAL excited about the future! Contact us today!

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The Team



Kieron Kitson-Walters

Strength alone isn't enough to win. Resourcefulness and versatility have been powerful tools in Kieron's arsenal from a young age. Kieron was raised in an environment where technical proficiency and creative expression were given equal footing. This gave way to success in industries including Defense, Technology, Education, Television Broadcasting, and Fine Art. Throughout all, providing unrivaled service and support was the common denominator. 

The light bulb moment came to him while working with a rapidly growing Food Tech startup based in Washington DC. There, he realized the importance of small businesses to the people they serve, the economy, and to business culture en masse. It was from that moment on, he wanted the next part of his journey to be dedicated to turning dreams and visions into tangible offerings. Akela Consultancy was built on the foundation of lessons learned and dreams made real.  




Ashlee Kitson-Walters

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You McYouferson 

We move quickly! Drop us a line and tell us how best you can serve our clients. Let's have a conversation!