Akela Consultancy, LLC

Mateo Blu

Akela Consultancy, LLC is a business development organization who's primary focus is building Baltimore Area businesses. We are looking offer our services to small businesses and franchises that would not normally have access to high quality, high efficiency services. 


Mateo Blu a.k.a Matthew Rice of Penn State football/NFL acclaim left the game behind to focus on his health. Apart of his therapy is using his amazing talents for creating stunning works of art on canvas. Matthew was my first client and we both have grown quite a bit through this process. We have worked on 3 versions of the site and continue to make plans for much more. This is just the beginning of this literal work of art! The challenge here was the incredible amount of pieces Matthew had created and finding the best way to display them. Working with leading Art Galleries from the US to Germany, we decided to separate the Gallery that would represent his original works, and the eCommerce Print Shop, where reproductions called Giclee prints are available for purchase. This continues to be an amazing project with so much room to scale! I can't wait to share more from this client in the near future!