Akela Consultancy, LLC

Akela Consultancy, LLC

Akela Consultancy, LLC is a business development organization who's primary focus is building Baltimore Area businesses. We offer our services to small businesses and franchises that would not normally have access to high quality, high efficiency services. 


Level the playing field...

That's phase one of our mission. Based in Baltimore, we see numerous opportunities to give small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organisations the ability to be accessed in ways they normally wouldn't. Own a restaurant? You'll have reservations and ordering online right from your site. Make handmade products? Tell your story and sell your creations in a clean and custom environment sure to keep your customers engaged.

The need for a digital presence in the 21st Century is becoming more evident by the day. Pulling from a wide range of experiences with businesses of all sizes, we've developed a formula for our clients that get their operations firing on all cylinders quickly and digitally.


What we do...

Web Design

A big step for any business is developing their digital footprint. From a beautiful and streamlined landing page, to simply making sure new customers can find you by doing a google search. Even if you have a site already, let's see how we can make it a perfect digital home for you and your customers. Build your Digital Identity with Akela Consultancy! 

Product development

Putting the pieces together to design, build, and share a product can be daunting. We can work together to keep you true to your journey. Making sure that your offering to the world is as well thought out and useful as it can be is in everyone's best interest. Get your operations off the ground with Akela Consultancy.

Business Development

The marketplace is ever changing. When you want to focus on your product, it's always important to have a team in place to help you navigate your development and keep you on a track to success. We sit down with you and determine all the opportunities for continued and sustainable success.                                                                                              

Studio/Event Photography

We have an amazing team of photographers that not only take beautiful, high-quality images, but we connect with you to ensure that we capture the hue of your business and/or event. 

Voice Overs

If you're in need of voice work for training courses, radio/tv advertisements, social media postings, we have a solid solution! Take a listen to our samples and see if we can elevate the sound of your business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Customer service training

An important part of protecting your investment is keeping your customers happy. Be it digitally and in-person, their experience should always be a top focus. We offer customer service training for teams in an engaging seminar style, that is sure to keep both staff and customers happy and always coming back! 

Featured Client: Mateo Blu: Artist                                                                                

Web Design, Strategy


The customer’s perception is your reality
— Kate Zabriskie


Let's build together.

Let's talk about building. Not just your business or products...let's build confidence and peace of mind. 

For freelance opportunities, please send your resume and an introduction to kieron@akelaconsultancy.com. Photographers and video editors, please include your portfolio/reel. 

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